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It could be said there are certain things in life that are so unthinkable that they are better left unsaid, until someone else decides to broadcast their thoughts on the matter and as a consequence it becomes a concern  that needs to be fully addressed

Some unthinkable thoughts regarding infanticide have been inserted into a respected journal of bioethics. The paper is called “After-birth abortion : why should the baby live?” The authors are Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva.

In it they argue that abortion is not different ethically from infanticide and therefore infanticide should be subject to the same rules that allow abortion.

There was a cyber-uproar regarding this and the two bioethicists involved felt threatened by some of the things that were being said.

The blogosphere’s response was vicious.

However, here is a a debate on the matter that does not carry death threats for the authors of the article or for the editor who permitted it to be published.


“The paper raises two distinct questions. The first is not in fact whether the authors have a point: it is the more general question of whether the paper, undoubtedly deeply repugnant to many in its content, should have been published in the first place. The argument is that, by sowing what Dr No once called Malicious Seeds of Mischievous Doubt, ivory tower academics introduce ideas into society that will then grow in to abhorrent practical applications; and that therefore the ideas should never be aired in the first place.

But Dr No, as he said in Malicious Seeds, has no truck with the suppression of ideas. Debate is always better than silence, however potentially or actually repugnant the idea, and so he applauds the courage of the JME in publishing the paper, and so forcing the debate into the open. In return, it is beholden on those who object to the ideas to advance not fire-crackers and death threats, but sound argument that exposes the flaw in the philosopher’s reasoning, and so ensure the mistaken idea is dealt a blow that is as legitimate as it is fatal.”

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